Utah Aerial Filming

Utah Aerial Filming


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Pocono Mountains Film Festival

The Pocono Mountains Film Festival was held October 17 through the 19th, 2014. The following paragraph, in the festival’s own words, best summarizes the heart and spirit of this film festival.

“Each year the Pocono Mountains Film Festival honor the iconic and creative genius in the entertainment industry, affording the opportunity for future filmmakers to network with the best of the best”.

Indeed it was a tremendous honor to be included amongst the best of the best. We feel very privileged to receive the 2014 award for “Best Music Video”.



International Family Film Festival

The IFFF strives to “celebrate the world” and respect mankind’s fundamental similarities and differences.  It achieves this by providing a nurturing environment and educational structure to teach, exhibit and share the myriad manifestations of the human condition.

Now celebrating its 19th year, the 2014 International Family Film Festival was held November 7th – 9th at Raleigh Studios in the heart of Hollywood.

It was an enormous honor to win the 2014 “Best Short Musical” award at the International Family Film Festival.





WMIFF International Best Cinematography Award Presented to Norman Bosworth

In the third week of August 2013 people from all over the world gathered in Washington DC for the World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF). WMIFF is an IMDB-qualifying international film festival held annually showcasing and recognizing global independent artists. The festival lasted seven days emphasizing diverse talents.

WMIFF was established to celebrate and provide a platform of achievements for international cinema artists. WMIFF festivities are open to all, featuring some of the most talented artists in both film and music.

I was privileged to have been the Director and Cinematographer for Tyme, Aspects of Home, a 63 minute documentary celebrating freedom and the meaning of home.

Tyme, Aspects of Home was nominated for Best Feature Documentary in Music and won Best Cinematography in the category of Short/Feature/Documentaries. It has been a tremendous honor to have received this award. Many thanks to everyone who worked on this award winning film. Special thanks to Cedar Breaks and Mike Ericksen.

Norman Bosworth: Director/Cinematographer/Editor


4K Production

More Pixels More Options

About 8 million pixels. Which is around four times what your current 1080p set can display. Think of your TV like a grid, with rows and columns. A full HD 1080p image is 1080 rows high and 1920 columns wide. A 4K image approximately doubles both those numbers, yielding approximately 4 times as many pixels total. To put it another way, you could fit every pixel from your 1080p setonto one quarter of a 4K screen.


4K is Big, Really Big

The images are around 4,000 pixels wide. And before you ask, yes, the industry named 1080 resolution after image height, but named 4K after image width. You also might hear this resolution referred to as 2160p. Welcome to the future. It’s amazing here.


How Those Extra Pixels Matter

More pixels means more information. More information means sharper pictures. Sharper pictures are more engaging. More engaging content is more enjoyable. 4K is just now getting off the ground.

For us it’s the advantage that 4K brings to 2K production. With all those extra pixels editing has just gotten a magnitude better. Clarity, postproduction image tracking, noticeable image quality enhancements is just the tip of the iceberg when referencing what 4K can do for your 2K production now. The world of production has just gotten better and we are here to bring the quality of these latest technological advancements to your next production.

4K Ultra HD



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BCI Video is a full service HD production company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We specializing in High Definition filming and editing services in the following areas: documentaries, commercials, corporate video, web video, photography, motion picture services and music videos.

~ Norman Bosworth: Cinematographer/Photographer/Editor


Welcome to BCI Video Productions.  We are a full service High Definition production company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in High Definition filming and editing services in the following categories: documentaries, television, commercials, web video, corporate,  photography, motion picture services and DVD authoring.

Each project we create is unique. No templates here!  We do whatever it takes to make sure your experience is nothing less than great. Whether it’s a 30 day video production thousands of miles from home, or a basic two page website video, our goal is always the same and that is to give you a finished product you are proud to show the world.

BCI Video Productions is here to bring solid communications, interest and art to your production. We offer director, script, cinematographer, photography, motion graphics, composite, audio and visual effects services.

We deliver the same quality you see one this site to your commercial production, corporate video production, web video production and photography requirements. Of course we offer full post production services as well. Contact us now for a free quote, we look forward to working with you on your next project.