Directed-Filmed-Edited by Norman Bosworth


Strong: In an age of political unrest, wars, challenge and struggle there has always been one thing that has brought us back to center. That one thing is our strength to meet the challenge. Being strong is nurtured in a family, displayed in a community and realized in a nation. This song is in celebration of being strong first inside oneself and then using that strength to build a better family, community and nation.

Rainy Day: Ever felt like you needed a rainy day? Something about the rain that mellows out the mind and peaks the feeling of being warm and safe inside your home or room. This music video by Cedar Breaks brings back the memories of rainy days with it’s 1940’s feel. Sit back and relax and enjoy a “Rainy Day”.

Prayer: Enjoy this thoughtful and introspective music video. Gratitude combined with a sense of values towards family and friends brings home the message of this song. Everyone has moments of appreciation when all that is felt is an awareness of what we have. This music video celebrates those moments.

Morning: If you could hear a beautiful sunny morning what would it sound like? Cedar Breaks puts a light and cheerful interpretation on the subject of morning. This number features the harmonious stringed instruments of the band.

Aspects: Family is without question the foundation of a nation. Healthy rich experiences as we grow serve as examples to how to create the next generation. This song celebrates the nation building power of family. Without it life can be very difficult indeed. Cedar Breaks lends it talents to the concept of home and the family in this pleasant number. You may find yourself remembering important moments in your own meaningful family interactions.

Believe: The high energy of this song makes the power of the words move deep into the mind with expressions that you will undoubtedly feel. The vocal range and quality Rebecca brings to this performance in really worth a listen.

Eutaw: One of the early spellings of Utah was “Eutaw” and thus the name of this song. As with any active multicultural attempt to settle inhabited lands cultural difficulties can arise. This certainly was the case in the early days of Utah settlements. The lyrics of this song create in poetic form the struggle and the feelings felt by everyone involved is Utah’s earliest days. The “Her” spoken of in the lyrics is the land that is Utah. The relationship the people have with the land is felt throughout the song.
There is a sweetness and innocence captured in the melody by song writer and composer Mike Ericksen. The beauty of the words and melody are brought to life by Cedar Breaks. Enjoy this heart felt journey through song and image as we explore the land and feelings of “Eutaw”.

Home: Keith Behunin (member of Cedar Breaks) is a master on stringed instruments. It’s hard to believe that Keith can get the sound he does from a banjo. We are all familiar with “Home on the Range” this version is something you may not have heard before, certainly not like this. Take a listen. Your in for a treat.

Always Mine: Always Mine is a thoughtful ballad by Cedar Breaks featuring the voice of group member Rebecca Croft. The Music video was primarily filmed on the Bonneville Salt Flats on the western border of Utah. The video features a “Contemporary Ballet ” original dance created and performed by a University of Utah Ballet student.
The thoughtful and melodic lyrics are pleasant and soothing. Just right for a feeling of introspection and deep thought.

Tyme: This video is a thoughtful ballad bridging the past and present through song. The 1800’s scenes you will see here represent links to the American past. It could be argued that the past is now, the future looking back will see to it. Life, you could say, only builds foundations inherited by those we wish a bright future. This song opens the mind to the idea that we are with each passing day laying the foundations of tomorrow. Sobering thought!

Snow: The lyrics for Snow came from an original poem by Archibald Lampman (1861-1899). Filmed during the winter of 2012, this music video speaks of the stillness found in a blanket of falling snow. The sleepy silence beckons the mind to dream.
Originally a Loreena Mckennitt song, the Cedar Breaks version is now brought to life by lead vocalist Rebecca Croft and Diana Glissmeyer.
It’s always a pleasure for me to work with a group of talented musicians like Cedar Breaks. Directing, filming and editing “Snow” has been a privilege indeed.

Set to Wander: Time passed away with us all and our lives pass away as in a dream. Those who come tomorrow will know a brighter day. Looking back to find you and what you had to say. This ballad takes an introspective look at life, a view that almost everyone finds for themselves somewhere along the line. This very melodic song is sung by Michael Gibbons, an artist really worth a listen. Michael is lead male singer for Cedar Breaks.