New Dawn, it’s all about Feeling the Message

Corporate clients need more than stating facts and special effects applied to their video presentations. The human mind is an emotional engine. We all respond very well to positive feelings. Connecting with your viewers feelings and creating an appreciative mood is always the challenge.

My job was to create a video that helped New Dawn Technologies educate its viewers and create a warm persona at the same time. Filming and directing this video was easy, because New Dawn is a great company. Take a look at this video by going to my Gallery page and clicking on the same picture you see above.

For over 15 years, New Dawn Technologies has served communities worldwide by providing leading edge web-based, on-premise, and cloud-based case management solutions for governments. They offer case management software, data sharing, e-filing, e-payment, e-discovery, and public access solutions for every type of government agency—from criminal courts to specialty, civil, and municipal courts; attorney generals and county prosecutors to public defenders; community corrections and probation to child, family, and health services.