Online Video Usage Up 45%

So, is anybody watching video on the web these days? Here’s what Nielsen Wire has to say in January 2011 (”Online video usage in the U.S. is up considerably from the same time last year as time spent viewing video on PC/Mac/laptops from home and work locations increased by 45%. Although the number of unique online video viewers only increased by 3.1% from last January, level of activity was up as viewers streamed 28% more video and spent 45% more time watching. Total video streams also saw significant year-over-year growth, up 31.5% to 14.5 billion streams.”

Is video on the web going up? Again Nielsen, “In September 2012, 162 million Americans watched online video. They spent almost seven hours of the month viewing content, streaming nearly 26 billion videos. YouTube was the top online video destination, with more than three-quarters of total viewers streaming videos through their site during the month.” Looks like now is a good time to advance one’s video presence on the web. That is just what BCI Video Productions is here to help you do. Let us show you what a difference high quality video content can make for you in 2013.