People Around the World – This portfolio focuses on people. Click on the above picture to view portfolio.

Focus on Nature – Nature Photography from around the world. Click on the above picture to view portfolio.

I was wondering just how good an iPhone 4S cell phone was at photography. I decided to put it to the test with my new iPhone 4S and see. Oh my! This device is amazing. I have never seen such gorgeous pictures come from a cell phone. Although I promise not to use this cell phone on my professional video and photographic assignments… I am tempted. Take a look at this video and judge for yourself. Every photograph was shot with the iPhone 4S.



A Photo Essay on Living and Life

Living represents itself in every way possible. Here are a few images that moves through only a few expressions life may take. Thank you for taking a look. Click on the image to your left to view the portfolio.



Welcome to the Norman Bosworth BCI Video Productions Photo Gallery Page. Here you will see samples of my photos from around the world. Included are photos I have done for advertising, web, print media, and television projects. Click on the photos above to view a video portfolio of your choosing.  Be sure to click on the lower right had side icon in the player window to view my photography in High Definition. You will notice a variety of photographic technics that I can apply to your next photography project.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah I have been  photographing world wide for over three decades. The resulting body of work includes clients from across the nation. It’s all about the light and it sometimes requires a long wait or being ready on a moments notice to get the shot.

My photography assignments have led me to endure -50 degree fahrenheit weather in the Arctic, Steaming hot jungles and most everything in between.

The resulting images will allow you to enjoy the beauty found in the varied subjects I have been asked to film.

I have worked on assignments for clients in the medical, advertising, minerals exploration, corporate, and film industries. Mixing cinematographic and photographic skills has allowed me to become a valuable asset for my clients. Web video production with photographic support has turned out to be a great combination for acquiring the images needed for a successful advertising campaign. I can put photography, video, and post production skills seamlessly together for your next project. An eye for composition and design allows for some great television production and web video production. I offer a total production package including filming, editing, photography, and motion graphics.