Tapping Potential

Businesses of all sizes have an equalizing power not fully tapped yet and that power is the power of video. If you have a compelling product or idea and a story that can be told you are a candidate for the power of video. It is no secrete that many people today would rather watch the development of a compelling idea than just read about it. The information conveyed in well presented images (video) is more powerful that most any stand alone text approach. An image really is worth 1,000 words.

What are some of the best ways businesses can be using video?

Good video tells a story very different from text. You can do a lot of things with a well filmed and well written video. Here is a short and quick list how video can be used to change your business landscape.

1. Shoot “behind the scenes” of what goes into making your product or service. Most customers have no idea what it takes to create the products we all depend on. Not only is it important to tell your story, it can be fascinating as well. We all love a well done and great story.

2. Interview your best customers and ask them about their success with your product or service.

3. Interview your employees who are the most passionate about your projects. Let their emotions and excitement pass over to your prospects. If I know you love what you are doing I am much more likely to watch, listen and consider your ideas.

4. Create educational content that helps people better use your product or service. Give them something that helps them with what your product or service can do. Help them to see what your ideas can add to their lives.

Those are just four potential things one can do with video inside business, video will only take on a more prominent rollin in the coming years for business, and I think that if you’ve not yet done some investigating into how it can help your company reach people in different, more engaging ways, then now’s the time to get thinking about it. That’s where we come into the picture. BCI Video is in the business of making you look good. Not because you need it, but because others need to see it!