Samples of My Production Work




The remains of Lake Bonneville is now the Great Salt Lake. The largest island in the Great Salt Lake is called Antelope Island. Antelope Island in Winter is a look at the beauty and solitude this geologic landmark reveals. The feeling here is other worldly. The area is so removed from everyday life that seeing the solitude is quickly moved into feeling the stillness that is here. Enjoy Antelope Island in Winter.



New Dawn – Corporate clients need more than stating facts and special effects applied to their video presentations. The human mind is an emotional engine. We all respond very well to positive feelings. Connecting with feelings and creating a true and appreciated mood is always the challenge.

Upon Destiny’s Song is a story about choice. It is a story that reveals the very fiber of men and women when everything is challenged and life itself hangs in the balance.

What is the stuff we are made of? What is our debt to those who came before us? Upon Destiny’s Song examines these questions through the eyes of the Madsen family who experienced the most devastating pioneer migration in American history, the Willie Handcart Company of 1856.

Jean Baptiste: The Man Who Robbed the Dead. This is a bizarre true story about a man in the 1860′s, in Utah, who robbed the dead. The story turns stranger and stranger as the events unfold. I ran across this strange event a few years ago and decided to make a mini documentary out of it.

Cedar Breaks-This video is a thoughtful ballad bridging the past and present through song. The 1800’s scenes you will see here represent links to the American past. It could be argued that the past is now, it is the future looking back on itself. Life, you could say, constructs foundations inherited by those we are closest to.

Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness-You are about to see one of the most beautiful wilderness areas on the planet. Having filmed on many continents, I must say I have filmed very little to equal this!

Christmas Memories-I have placed this video on my site to demonstrate how images and music can create a feeling most everyone can identify with. If you agree, please get in contact with me and lets make your next project memorable.